Miracle Mile Post is a full-featured television post-production facility, specializing in the complexities of reality television workflows. With over 3 decades of experience, our teams provide valuable insight on handling the myriad of problems associated with today’s modern and varied shooting formats

We customize workflows to each project for efficiencies of edit-prep and cost. We can provide assistant editors to completely prep and manage your project or you can bring your own. This includes ingest, transcode, backup, syncing, grouping, transcription prep, script sync, exports and editor support to name a few.

We can connect to external locations for data transfer or viewing in a variety of ways from software-based solutions to dark fiber depending on security needs, speed and budget.

Our impressive in-house graphics department is exceptionally creative and can handle any challenge, enabling producers to have hands-on interaction on a daily basis with the artists, so work can be crafted in a collaborative environment. This tight workflow keeps projects from veering off course which saves resources and adds efficiency so producers can see the work as it develops.

Our finishing suites round out our capabilities with top-tier talent delivering beautiful results.

Our offices are freeway close and centrally located in Sherman Oaks, CA with casual and sophisticated dining nearby.

We appreciate the opportunity to offer you the finest post production services.

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