Everyone starts their day commenting that Blue Team is no longer at the camp. This must also have been the morning that Kirsten showed everyone how to make toothbrushes from sticks, since we all have dumb branches in our mouths. Noelle from the Black Team is trying to get on everyone’s good side but is a little worried about the lasting effects of the fight with Kaliesha. Kaliesha calls Matt over as the two teams mend their relationship, with side clips showing that neither really means it. Well, this conversation really mattered!

At the starting gates we learn about the sabotage: the hunt team is given a compass that will point in the direction of the sabotaged team for the remainder of the day. The Teal Team are revealed as the hunters! Red Team is excited for Jade and Nikita to show what they are made of. It’s hard to concentrate on what we are saying with so much beard going on. The teams are off into the hunting grounds and James from the Lime Team says that they don’t think Teal is much competition.

Jade and Nikita are vested up and mention that documentaries about African nature have really prepared them for this moment. They are going to creep. Like a TLC kind of creep, not a Radiohead kind of creep. The Pink Team is threatened by the hunt team and are going to be on their guard. The Black Team draws the first draft of their after-Capture-bestie-tattoo in the sand. The twins are released. The Advantage Point is revealed and the Lime Team puts the sabotage on the Red Team. The strategy was smart, since we were far up north and directly next to Jade and Nikita. It’s important to note that when the contestants were explained the rules for the sabotage, were told that a team may or may not know that they have been sabotaged. This is a huge piece as to why everyone is so paranoid.

As the Red Team heads south, we decide to ‘sandwich’ other teams between us and the twins. I think I used more food analogies in those woods than ever before in my life. The White Team quickly becomes the meat in our sandwich and gets chased by the Teal Team. Jade and Nikita give it a great effort but are outrun by the MMA duo. But what’s this? Their compass is still pointing south? They see the Red Team “monsters” on the beach. The twins deflate when they realize that they had been chasing the fastest team in the competition. Aw, thanks girls.

The Red Team tries to sneak around the beach but a chase ensues. These rocks were no joke; you’re running at top speed just hoping your feet touch a semi-flat surface. The run brought out mixed emotions. As one part of me was yelling “RUN, RUN, RUN!” The other part was yelling “I am so proud of you girl! Don’t give up!” The Red Team breaks free from the chase as the Teal Team ends the first hunt day with zero catches.

Back at camp the Gold Team asks the group about the sabotage. The Red Team keeps it a secret as James admits he and Rebecca were the saboteurs. The Lime Team? Are you kidding? I almost had a pregnant. We were good friends with James and Rebecca up until now, so Jacob was livid. He wants to throw beans in retaliation.

After a terrible night’s sleep the contestants wake up to a frost covered camp. I sometimes would write profane things in that frost, but that’s neither here nor there. Luke tells the contestants that there will be a romantic dinner and wine at the supply station. Sabrina and Noelle had been talking about red wine for days so this was a no-brainer for them. As the hunt starts, some teams rush toward the supply station and wait for it to open. Jade and Nikita soon follow and use their African documentary skills by creeping. They miss Black and Gold as they enter the supply station, but collide with Rebecca. As they check to see if she is okay, James pulls her into the circle.

Capture controversy! Was this allowed? We don’t know, but James is upset. He has a tearful moment about how he brought Rebecca along on this adventure to get closer and she just keeps hurting herself. Luke comes over the loudspeaker to announce that the Lime Team did not make it into the supply station and it counts as a capture. To clarify, the rules state that a contestant can not lie on his or her back during a chase to avoid capture. I think that may have had something to do with it.

The Gold Team splits as the Lime Team is brought back to jail,. The Black Team does not. We get a fantastic montage of the hunters departing and returning as Sabrina and Noelle are enjoying wine in the station, peppered with some cartoonish music. Oh you girls! They lose track of time as Jade and Nikita approach and it’s pretty much a done deal. The Black Team runs out and the twins catch the drunk pair.

Back in the village, the Lime and Black Team votes are looking neck and neck. Jacob does a really good drunk Noelle. James calls the Red Team over to talk about the sabotage and asks “Why didn’t you guys just tell us?” Ah, I forgot to tell the team that sabotaged me that they sabotaged me! James insists it wasn’t personal. At the elimination ceremony, James and Jacob exchange some heated words as James once again explains that it wasn’t personal and “You don’t have to get nasty, looks like there is a new villain in the house.” New villain? Did he expect us to be like “Oh God thank you so much James for blessing us with this sabotage!” If defending ourselves makes us the new villains, than so be it.

The vote ends up split with Green, Gold and White voting to keep Lime, and Red, Teal, and Pink voting to keep Black. The tie is broken by the hunt team, and since they voted to keep Black, Lime goes home. In his final exit speech James explains how this experience has brought them closer than ever and they can now overcome any obstacle thrown their way. Rebecca does a slight nod, but its hard to tell if it’s in agreement or a result of the injury.