Construction veteran Charlie Frattini razes the roof and does whatever it takes to rescue business owners hopelessly stuck in unbearable renovation disasters on Discovery’s series, Construction Intervention.

Charlie and his team know how to get the job done right and get the job done fast. He’s tough, aggressive and holds nothing back to complete his mission. In a few short days, Charlie turns failing businesses into prides of the neighborhood. Along the way he compassionately brings together torn- apart families and gets devoted employees back to the work that they love and missed.

Charlie turns disasters into dreams with dramatic results and emotional endings on every episode. The results are spectacular.
Charlie is the Gordon Ramsay of Construction. Charlie’s as tough as they come. An aggressive, strong-armed New York construction veteran with a zeal for perfection and a long resume of multi-million dollar projects, Charlie has spent the last twenty years of his life raising hell in the world of construction and becoming one of the most recognized leaders in his field. He knows the ins and outs of every building he’s ever worked on and has gathered a loyal crew of fellow blue-collar workers along the way who work by his side through thick and thin. From plumbers to carpenters to electricians, his crew is best in breed when it comes to tough-as-nails construction teams. They stick together from project to project and follow Charlie as he guides them through some of the most hellacious construction projects ever conceived.

Now Charlie and his team are using their construction know-how to rescue restaurateurs and save small business owners from stalled renovation projects, serving their hired contractors and designers with the ultimate … Construction Intervention.