California Desert, Show Open: Episode 201

Montserrat Spain, Show Open: Episode 202

Lost At Sea, Show Open: Episode 203
Our crews go to the world’s most remote locations to bring you Discovery’s most adventurous husband & wife show: Man Woman Wild.
Every episode takes Myke and Ruth Hawke to a new location around the globe: From the uninhabitable, volcanic island of Montserrat to the unforgiving, searing heat of death valley. The Hawkes also brave the harsh, desolate terrain of Tasmania and find themselves stranded at sea on a small boat without water.

“The will to survive” has been Myke Hawke’s mantra as he’s embarked on hundreds of missions to some of the world’s hairiest places, including combat zones where he’s had to live in the shadows while trekking his way out of dense jungles and arid deserts. Captain Myke Hawke, or “Hawke” as he’s known, is one of the premier survival experts in the world. His training as a Green Beret has taught him that there is no situation that he can’t handle. At least until now.

In the first show of it’s kind, we take one of the world’s elite survival experts and send him out into the great outdoors with the one person he thought he’d never have to survive the wild with… his wife. Ruth has spent the last decade embarking on wild journeys of her own as a journalist and videographer. She’s spent months by herself filming the rural tribes of Borneo and has explored the farthest-reaching corners of the world from Africa to Asia and beyond. Now, she’s agreed to take on her toughest documentary assignment yet… filming her husband as they head into some of the most challenging places on Earth.

Together they fight for survival, often merely with a knife and the clothes on their back to protect them. They demonstrate first hand what it takes to come out alive by crafting shelter with local materials, ingeniously creating fire from scratch, hunting & foraging for scarce food and most importantly, finding life’s most critical element, water.
Together they overcome treacherous terrain and sleepless nights as they
battle the elements and hold onto “the will to survive.” Each episode sees them travel to a new destination for a week and try to survive the elements and each other.