They were sworn to protect the President they loved, and on one fateful day in Dallas, they failed. For years, the men of President John F. Kennedy’s Secret Service Detail have kept silent about one of the greatest tragedies in American history.

Revealing, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking. The Kennedy Detail tells this incredible story for the first time, though the eyes of the men who lived it. Hosted by Martin Sheen.

Memorable Moments

Memories of the President

As a member of the President’s personal secret service detail, one is expected to become integrated with the entire family, and that is exactly what these men did.
Protecting Jaqueline

Jacqueline Kennedy was at times more popular than the President himself. This meant extra precautions for the secret service agents assigned to her detail. Agent Paul Landis tells his first hand account…
Cuban Missile Crisis

As usual, during one of the most dangerous times in our nation’s history, the secret service was at the President’s side.