“Excused” is a unique dating competition show that just happens to be quite funny. Host and comedienne, Iliza Schesinger referees as eager men and woman come together to see who will find love and who will be… Excused.

Renegade 83’s production team took on the daunting challenge to produce a show a day for 230 episodes. For a run of this size to stay on budget and on schedule it was vital that every department was clicking and in sync. Casting had to find thousands of candidates, production had to bring together a top-notch crew that could mount and shoot 5 shows a week. Host Ilza had to be clever and improvise on her feet, acting as ringleader, keeping it all flowing and fun before the cameras.

Footage seamlessly flowed from the set to Post multiple times a day so no time was lost in the production to broadcast cycle. There, a team of story producers and editors finessed each episode into a humor filled show in record time.

This is the forte of Renegade 83 – providing craftsmanship that makes every episode feel special and unique by pulling together the right mix of top talent, efficient workflows and specialized tools to get the job done on time and on budget.